Liposourcils Expert Eyebrow Serum 10ml
Liposourcils Expert Eyebrow Serum 10ml
Liposourcils Expert Eyebrow Serum 10ml
Liposourcils Expert Eyebrow Serum 10ml
Liposourcils Expert Eyebrow Serum 10ml
Liposourcils Expert Eyebrow Serum 10ml

Liposourcils Expert Eyebrow Serum 10ml

Eyebrow Enhancement and Pigmentation Serum

“My brows are fuller and growing. It is an amazing product” Virginie D.

Revive and intensify your brows naturally with Talika’s Eyebrow Liposourcils, an expert formula enriched with the Mythical Botanical Complex, Coleus forskohlii, silk proteins, and clinically trusted peptides, all of which work to strengthen, protect, and extend the natural life cycles of the eyebrow to help them appear fuller with fewer hairs falling out prematurely. After 6 weeks eyebrows are more dense and frame the face perfectly.

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Within approximately 6 weeks of regular use of this eyebrow enhancing formula, most users notice that eyebrows appear strengthened, more conditioned, and  brows may even frame the face better, for a more improved appearance.

The eyebrows gain density and better frame the face

Eyebrows may also naturally appear darker

 You may even notice that your eyebrows can provide you with a more intense look

How to use

Using the combined foam tip and blush, apply the product to your brows to ensure they are fully coated for best results.


 Step 1

Apply to the eyebrows using the foam tip

 Step 2

Sweep along brows using brush in direction of hair growth

 Step 3

Use AM and PM


Unique Formula: 

  • Talika Mythical Plant Complex (witch hazel, apple, nettle, horse chestnut, St. John's wort): stimulates eyebrow growth.
  • Coleus forskohlii : stimulates the synthesis of melanin in the eyebrow to intensify its natural pigmentation.
  • Peptide Expert: improves the quality of the eyebrow bulb to strengthen the anchoring of the eyebrow and slow down its sag. Anti-aging effect.
  • Silk proteins : sheath the eyebrow.


97% of ingredients of natural origin. Tested under dermatological control.


Key ingredients:




 Horse chestnut

 St. John's wort

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Amazing Product

My fiance got this product to keep her eyebrows due to Cancer Treatments. She ran out and was noticing the hair loss. We received a new bottle and the loss is stopped and might be getting reversed.

Excellent Product

I have been using this product for several years and I love it. It really nourishes the eyebrows and keeps them healthy

Amazing brows

I bought this roughly a month ago and have been using the eyebrow gel morning and night. My brows were thinning and becoming patchy, I have found after using the eye brow gel they are becoming fuller with new hair growth and the current hair is conditioned and they look better than ever.

Great product!!

I bought this a month ago and used it twice a actually works. My brows are fuller and growing. It is an amazing product. Worth every penny.

Merryn A
It Works!

Recently there has been a strong emphasis on full well kept brows, which makes sense given eyebrows frame your face. I use the Hourglass eyebrow pencil in soft brunette and the clear brow gel from Nars. These products do a wonderful job of creating definition and fullness whilst looking natural. My two sister brows (not twins I have been told) have never been plucked, waxed or threaded however the hair has begun to dissipate recently. I trialed this Talika eyebrow conditioning serum over a period of a month, applying it morning and night. The front of my eyebrows saw small hairs sprouting and the ends of my brows have noticeably lengthened. Every month I go back to apply some more conditioning gel to maintain my now full brows. This product works I would definitely suggest people try it out and I intend on purchasing the eyelash growth serum after such dramatic success.